Sinan Green Energy technology roadmap

 Creating a Grid Free Future
The Sinan Grid Free Technology Roadmap is a detailed energy strategy customized to each client’s specific circumstances. It allows the client to identify exactly what technology mix would yield the lowest cost of energy and create grid independence in the short to medium term. 

The Technology Roadmap provides vital information and decision support on new green energy solutions and should ideally be created before a business commits to a long term technology solution or power generation plant.

Most businesses are unaware of the large variety of green technology options available now and in the near future to become grid independent. As a result many businesses opt for basic solar power or expensive battery storage that is not always designed to easily integrate with new and more effective energy solutions.

The Sinan Energy Technology Roadmap is developed for every Sinan client with an existing or planned on-site power plant.

When used to support executive decision making, the Technology Roadmap will help avoid inefficient energy choices and steer businesses to solutions that will yield the lowest overall cost of energy over the life cycle of an on-site energy solution.

The Grid Free Technology Roadmap includes the following elements:

– Future Demand Assessment and Quantification

– Grid Free Technology Options Analysis 

– Primary Energy Source Availability and Assessment

– Technology Life Cycle Planning

– New Technology Selection, Modeling and Solution `Design

– New Technology Implementation Timeline and Costing

– Grid Feed-In Credits and Integration Planning

– Carbon Credit Management including Measurement, Verification and Trading Strategy

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