Sinan Energy - a new energy paradigm

 A Decentralized Utility

Sinan Energy aims to accelerate and exploit the trend to decentralized energy infrastructure by enabling every user of power to benefit from their own customised power plant using stand-alone renewable energy technologies
In the transition from centralized infrastructure, Sinan Energy competes directly with vertically integrated utilities. Centralized utilities own generation assets based on fossil fuel location and availability. In addition to on-site power plants, when feasible, Sinan builds power plants based on favorably located renewable energy sources and exploits the grid backbone to deliver power to commercial and industrial sector clients. In both instances Sinan tariffs are lower than the centralized utility in all markets in which we operate

Integrating Existing and New Technologies

Leveraging the deep expertise of the Sinan Leadership team in the energy sector combined with sound experience in research and development and“productification” and strong market understanding, Sinan evaluates and exploits new renewable energy technologies and business models that are ready for mass scale adoption.
Sinan Energy designs, funds, builds and operates energy generation plants customised for each client’s specific thermal and electrical energy requirements using the most appropriate technologies to deliver the lowest overall cost of energy

Emergent Smart Grids – Leveraging DeFi Platforms and Blockchain Architecture

In each Sinan serviced jurisdiction, once generation capacity exceeds a minimum threshold, Sinan will establish a smart grid to enable participants to trade power in real time utilizing blockchain protocols and Sinan Energy Tokens (SET). 
The evolutionary nature of the smart grid together with bespoke power generation and communication technologies allows excess power to be diverted in real-time to where it is needed or to be dispatched to the Grid thus optimizing the available generation capacity