The demand for carbon credits

Carbon Credits have experienced tremendous growth over the last year driven by the the global drive to Net-Zero in which corporations and governments are under intense pressure to reduce carbon emissions. A key milestone is the Net-Zero targets set for 2030 by a significant number of the top 5000 global companies and almost all industrialized governments together representing more than 90% of global economic activity.

With the current trajectory of economic activity it is impossible for these companies (and governments) to undertake the operational changes necessary to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions to meet 2030 Net-Zero targets and therefore it is not just likely but inevitable that they would need to purchase carbon credits. This makes quality carbon credits one of the most sought-after assets. Currently demand for carbon credits already far exceeds supply creating one of the most liquid asset classes.

The global demand for carbon credits again far exceeded supply in 2021 with about 12 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent traded. This represents only 21.5% of estimated global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sinan Tokenized Carbon Credits can be traded on crypto exchanges or tokens can be materialized and traded on traditional carbon credit exchanges.

By combining renewable asset ownership with a blockchain enabled platform and innovative smart contracts Sinan is able to remove intermediaries in the carbon credit value chain and create more value for Sinan token holders.