Commercial and Industrial Sector

Sinan Energy has deep technical and financial expertise with commercial and industrial sector clients. We design, build and operate power plants based on our clients unique needs. We combine electrical and thermal energy production matched to the specific needs of the client. We use hybrid systems comprising of solar power, gas fired power and waste heat recovery to provide the lowest overall energy cost to our clients. Sinan Energy is an industry leader in implementing customised power plants specifically designed for each clients electrical and thermal energy requirements.


Sinan Energy designs and builds utility scale hybrid power plants for clients in the mining sector. Our customised on-site power plants allow mining sector clients to be grid independent while still having a lower overall cost of energy.


For companies operating continuously our base load independent power solutions provide reliable and cost effective power year round. 

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Resource Processing

Sinan Energy works closely with leaders in the resource processing sector to provide specific solutions based on the industries unique energy usage requirements.


Our unique expertise in designing heating, cooling and power solutions allows us to fulfil the distinct requirements of clients in this sector. 

Mixed Use Developments

Sinan Energy works together with municipalities and city developers to provide a vast array of stand alone power generation options.